Cost of Entries
Purchase your entry/entries before completing project information. You can change the quantity of purchases in your cart if you have more than one project to enter. You may also go back and purchase more entries later.

ATA Members pay a $55 fee for their FIRST entry.
All additional purchases will be discounted. The more you buy the more you save!

Nonmembers pay a $90 fee for their FIRST entry.
All additional purchases will be discounted. The more you buy the more you save!

New! Discounts automatically apply in the shopping cart when you purchase multiple entries within one transaction.*

Contact Tara Houston at with questions.

Set up your project
Set up a project after purchasing. Once your purchase is complete, click the button at the bottom of the screen that says “manage awards.” This will take you to a page to begin the project application process on the entries purchased. Click the “Edit” button to start entering project information.

Can I enter?
All designers, manufacturers, or subcontractors of specialty fabric end-products qualify for this competition.

Does my project qualify?
There are 44 IAA categories that your project may qualify for. Projects must be an end-product manufactured with a specialty fabric, and must fulfill a client’s specific need or provide a design solution.

Awards Given
– Winning projects are awarded with an Award of Excellence or an Outstanding Achievement Award.
– No awards will be given if there is one project in a category.
– Categories with less than 3 entries will be given 1 Award of Excellence.
– Categories receive 1 Award of Excellence and 1 Outstanding Achievement Award.

– Entries become property of the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) and will be displayed at ATA Expo and on ATA websites.
– Digital images become property of ATA and cannot be returned.
– If your photo is copyrighted, you must send/submit a letter of permission allowing ATA to display and use the image and required photo credit information.
– Companies may suggest a category for their project to be placed in; however ATA reserves the right to place entries in the category deemed appropriate.
– Projects can be entered in the competition only one time.
– Companies may enter more than one project in the competition. However, each project can be entered in only one category.
– If more than one company submits photos of the same project, the company that holds the contract to the project will be the recognized entry. Others will be viewed as subcontractors.
– Companies may enter joint projects if a collaborative effort was made by two companies, however only one complimentary plaque will be awarded should the submission win. The company submitting the joint project must be a member of ATA to qualify for the member rate.

– The same project in more than one category
– Don’t submit images through e-mail
– Projects completed before June 2023
– Projects previously entered in the IAA competition