David's Custom Trimmers

Project Details

Design Name
Dave Elliott

Design Company
David's Custom Trimmers

Fabrication Name
Dave Elliott, Kieran Jones

Fabrication Company
David's Custom Trimmers

Installation Name
Dave Elliott, Kieran Jones

Installation Company
David's Custom Trimmers

Please describe the project specifications

A curved U-shape lounge for the main cabin in a yacht, plus downstairs bunks. The client took advise from an Interior Designer for the fabric choice, so the lounge bases and some bunks are plain navy blue, the lounge backrests are a checked pattern, and the front bunk is a zigzag pattern. The Lounge was designed to have knee roll, lumber and back support and neat pull down points to replace buttons.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

New lounge that provided better support and usability, have a more modern style and to use the fabric they supplied which was chosen by their interior designer. They also required new bunks for their sleeping areas that needed more comfort.

What is unique or complex about the project?

During the initial discussions with them regarding fabric choice we recommended against using stripes for the curved back rests of the lounge, as the straights lines won’t follow the curves and will create optical illusions, which could potentially play with people’s eyes, especially when the boat in moving around at sea. However, their designer chose, and insisted upon, an even more complicated checked pattern. However with some patience every fabric panel was successfully mirrored and lined up accurately to create quite an eye catching effect.

What were the results of the project?

The customers were extremely happy; as soon as they step into the cabin the funky pattern draws attention and brightens the room. They now sit at the lounge more, as it is more comfortable and have a better night’s sleep on the new bunks.

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