Canvas Experts Inc.

Project Details

Fabric 1

Breakwater X Natural
Producer: YKK Canada Powerbake Sliders
Supplier: Nicholas Pompa Glue Systems

Fabric 2

Plaskolite Aqua Glass
Producer: American Keder

Fabric 3

Solar Fix 3300
Producer: Ez2cy Marine Track Systems Ez-100-B & Ez-100-F

Fabric 4

YKK Zipper Vislon
Producer: Velcro Brand Velcro

Design Name
Michael Varga

Design Company
Canvas Experts Inc.

Fabrication Name
Victor Albino

Fabrication Company
Cavas Experts Inc.

Project Manager Name
Victor Albino

Project Manager Company
Canvas Experts Inc.

Installation Name
Victor Albino, Justin Huggins

Installation Company
Canvas Experts Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

This project is a 330 albamarle express with eight ez2cy panels and one strataglass panel. The unique thing about this enclosure are the u-chain design and the panels have the ability to pin up to the hard top enclosure. We removed the lift the dot fasteners from the windshield add installed ez2cy marine track systems ez-100-f so that the opening is perfectly facing upward. The enclosure was designed with flaps on each panel to prevent water form entering and extreme seal was used on the front panels at the top to prevent any water from entering at the top track. (330 albemarle is a very wet boat) (especially a head or quarter sea) so preventing water getting inside the enclosure on this boat for the client was priority number #1. So every effort was taken to make sure water was and is repelled. The ez2cy marine track systems where bonded with 3m vhb tape and fastened with 316 #6 flat head stainless screws. The insert rope is 8.5mm American keder and the ptfe(polytetraflorethylene) thread is solar fix 3300 denier translucent. The zippers are ykk #10 vision with a polyester powerbake slider from yll of Canada. The impact acrylic is plaskolite-aqua glass with a 70% impact resistance and the color is #701. The fabric used is simply the best pvc fabric made in the marine industry. Breakwater x is an advanced alloy-coated fabric with NO plasticizers. Ez2cy has a bonding process and when you are bonding ask any chemist (you simply get a better bond with no plasticizers). The fasteners used to pin up the panels are menax fasteners we used them because they are very user friendly and very dependable.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The factory enclosure did not have track on the windshield and leaked badly. The client was frustrated with water damage to the helm station and electronics. By putting the ez2cy marine track (ez-100-f) on the windshield and flaps with velcro eliminated water coming in threw the bottom. At the top we extended the panel beyond the track until it touched the hardtop. We then added extreme seal (v-seal) it stopped any and all water from entering at the top of the enclosure. We used plaskolite aqua glass for its clarity and durability. The bonding agent we used is the only stabilized urethane reactive glue made. The client needed and wanted an enclosure that was water tight and not leak over his instruments and navigation equipment. Frank wanted and insisted on u-chain zippers that attach to the hard top.

What is unique or complex about the project?

U-chain zippers in a bonded panel design! Cutting the acrylic panel out with all the radiuses was not bad using a hand held jig saw but, the fabric cutting & sewing then bonding was very difficult and time consuming. So that means work quickly and short distances (no more than 20” at a time) or the glue turns into a harden surface (looks like candle wax) at that point it is not good and must be removed. Removing old lift the dots that are corroded for years can be difficult to remove and bonding the ez-100-f. We use multiple clamps to hold the track in place making the curve of the windshield.

What were the results of the project?

An enclosure that no longer leaks. An enclosure that has outstanding visibility and ventilation. The u-chain panels easily flip up to the hard and back down into place.

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