Hoover Canvas Products Co. Ft Lauderdale, FL

Project Details

Fabric 1

Précontraint 502
Producer: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.
Supplier: Trivantage LLC

Design Name
Antonio Gil

Design Company
Hoover Architectural Products

Architect Company
Neumann/Smith Architecture

Fabrication Name
Lazaro Roman

Fabrication Company
Hoover Architectural Products

Project Manager Name
Eric Garey

Project Manager Company
Hoover Architectural Products

Installation Name
Shawn Ruszkowski

Installation Company
Hoover Architectural Products

Please describe the project specifications

The newly expanded and renovated portion of Dolphin Mall opened to shoppers on Tuesday, September 15th after 18 months of construction. Neumann/Smith Architects designed a stylish new valet drop-off befitting for the Dolphin Mall, a Miami-area leisure destination & largest retail venue, with its powerful mix of compelling retail outlets, entertainment venues, and dining options. The sweeping expanse of exposed structural steel and fabric canopy, along with the creation of a new outdoor display area and extensively landscaped parking and entry areas, make a grand entrance. The scope of work included the creation of a new valet drop-off for the mall, the addition of a second level egress stair, valet parking for 101 cars, a four-car display area under custom fabric tulips, a 5,200 sf custom exposed structural steel and fabric canopy, and extensive landscaping.

Designed to withstand 185mph winds, these fabric structures blend the lines between art and structural integrity. A completely custom design that had never been attempted out of fabric, each tulip was hand built to exacting tolerances. Fully fabricated in Hoover Architectural Products 30,000sq’ West Palm Beach location, every tulip was completely assembled at the facility then broken down for transportation and reassembly in the field – ensuring a perfect fit the first time.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client wanted to create an architectural cornerstone/landmark that was both functional and beautiful. By using fabric, the client gained a one of a kind structure during the day and a striking product at night through the use of lighting.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The uniqueness of this project was 3 fold:

1. Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502 is a very stable fabric meaning didn't want to turn and bend so tightly without massive wrinkles. Thus, the challenge was to fabricate flawless fabric structures, on rigid framework, where fabric really wasn't applicable.
2. Because of the craftsmanship required to complete each tulip, the units completely manufactured in our facility and then transported to the site for installation with the covers attached. This required specially fabricated structural jigs that were not only used for transportation but as harnesses for the crane.
3. Lastly, one of the main challenges was to layout and fabricate a complex fabric structure, designed to withstand 185mph winds, without seeing a single frame member through the fabric.

What were the results of the project?

The end result was a flawless fabric structure free of deformities that is built to last and an artistic focal point for the Dolphin Mall.

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