Moss Inc Elk Grove Village, IL

Project Details

Fabric 1


Design Name
Florian Wieder

Design Company
Rebel Artichoke

Installation Company
Moss Services

Please describe the project specifications

Our client sought an awe-inspiring stage set to celebrate the 60th anniversary of a leading entertainment brand, with the celebrity-packed celebration to be broadcast nationally. The production designer, familiar with the live-event impact of tension fabric, created a design that was monumental and dynamic, using several flowing fabric structures.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

In order to meet budget and timeline needs, we collaborated with the client on scale and shape modifications that would still mirror original design concepts and provide an amazing environment and excellent projection surfaces.

The design included a trio of “sails,” each with an overall length of 72 ft. or longer. The stage’s main sail element was itself broken up into three sections that flowed into each other – a requirement in order to meet the placement of fire curtains above the stage.

The main sail, largely responsible for providing depth and dimension, was approximately 79 ft. L x 3 in. W x 34 ft. H. The sail elements were constructed of 2 in. round tube and white Moss Knit fabric, as well as liner material specified for particular surfaces.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The fabric provided a high gain surface for the production’s projection mapping. Projection was utilized two different ways: to provide an architectural look for the second sail, effecting a sculptural look of exposed metal ribbing; and also to vignette full scenes with thematic content that matched across each sail surface.

What were the results of the project?

Ultimately selected over multiple design considerations, the fabrication solution we provided met budget and installation needs while maintaining full design integrity. The bold stage design soared to an apex, providing an emotional larger-than-life feel and enhancing the charismatic spirit and performances that the end user brand is known for. Buzz built up the highly-anticipated stage event, and viewership of the broadcast was estimated at nearly 7 Million.

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