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Producer: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.

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Please describe the project specifications

The historic Ponce City Market development was recently converted into a mixed-use development to revitalize the Ponce de Leon Avenue corridor in Atlanta, GA. A part of this revitalization was to add a 7-story parking structure to serve the development and a future high rise tower was designed to be built on top of the parking structure.
The architect wanted to create a visually appealing, economical, breathable facade treatment on all four facades of a new parking structure. Traditional cladding materials became very expensive and also require a lot of structural support as well. That is when the architect contacted us to investigate utilizing an economical Tensile Mesh Facade system (a.k.a. Textile, Fabric Mesh Screening). We assisted the architect with the design, detailing and engineering. With the contractor we handled the fabrication and installation of the Tensile Mesh Facade.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The design intent was to create vertical double layered bans of mesh cladding secured to a horizontal cantilevered structural steel framework. Tensile Mesh Cladding system was a perfect fit, especially for the limited budget on this project. The fabric mesh had reinforced hemmed edges that was secured onto the top and bottom of each panel with an adjustable aluminum extrusion bolted to the structural steel.
Additional benefits of this innovative cladding system is the Tensile Mesh Screening is a breathable cladding material that eliminated the need for mechanical ventilation, maintained views out, screened light pollution from the parking structure lighting and car lights and provide shading to reduce heat gain.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Tensile Mesh Facades allows you to span greater distances with less structural support compared to traditional cladding materials. The fabric mesh used on this project is engineered and designed for exterior applications and according to the manufacturer has a 10-year warranty and 18 to 20-year life expectancy. The color selected was a metallic silver fabric mesh that looks like an expensive metal mesh. The cost of this innovative facade screening system is only a fraction of the cost of a metal mesh or perforated metal facade. Even looking at a typical 25-year life cycle cost, Tensile Mesh Facades have a dramatic cost savings compared to traditional building screens.

What were the results of the project?

This spectacular facade has become inspiration for numerous other projects in Atlanta metro area and beyond. The facade treatment transforms the typical ugly parking structures you see across the country and makes it an affordable, very attractive system that will last for decades.

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