FabriTec Structures LLC Dallas, TX

Project Details

Fabric 1


Engineer Company 1
FabriTec Structures

Design Company
FabriTec Structures

Architect Company
Opsis Architects

Subcontractor Company
Guard-All Building Solutions

Project Manager Name
Curtis Godlevsky

Project Manager Company
FabriTec Structures

Installation Company
FabriTec Structures

Please describe the project specifications

Located at 1001 SW Bradbury Way, Simpson Pavilion is a covered, multi-purpose, recreation pavilion including a full-sized NHL ice rink situated on 11 acres of municipal property. The Pavilion will host a variety of recreational activities, community events and sports to include pickleball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton, as well as ice sports such as skating and hockey in the winter months.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

A prominent use of wood was selected by Opsis Architects to reflect the history of Bend and its connection to the natural environment. We won the bid in early 2015 to design, engineer and build the frame-supported ETFE façade that would enclose the ice rink and prevent pucks from flying into the spectator area during hockey practice and games. The ETFE skin also allows patrons two-way viewing – those inside the enclosure are treated to panoramic views of the forested surroundings, while patrons on the outside can watch skaters and curlers as they slide and glide.

What is unique or complex about the project?

ETFE is not a product typically used to line hockey rinks with - an industrial strength plexi glass material would be more traditional. But ETFE's unique tensile strength gives the membrane similar, durable properties while providing a barrier to some UV rays while reducing the heat island effect.

What were the results of the project?

The 6,090 sq. ft. translucent membrane connects patrons to their environment in a natural way giving them a 360 degree view of beautiful Bend, Oregon's timberlined landscape.

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