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Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.
Supplier: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.

Fabric 2

Producer: Naizil Coated Fabrics Inc.
Supplier: Naizil Coated Fabrics Inc.

Fabric 3

Producer: Value Vinyls
Supplier: Value Vinyls

Engineer Company 1
RC Group

Design Company
Eventstar Structures, Corp

Architect Company
Eventstar Structures, Corp

Fabrication Company
Eventstar Structures, Corp

Project Manager Company
Eventstar Structures, Corp

Installation Company
Eventstar Structures, Corp

Please describe the project specifications

The 2016 Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) was the first yearly affair’s first event at Miami’s iconic Marine Stadium Park and Basin. With over 750,000 square feet of structures and event space, The Miami International Boat Show represented the largest use ever of temporary structures in The South Florida market.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The purpose of this project was to create an event space similar to that of MIBS’s previous home at The Miami Beach Convention Center. The client requested that we build structures to encompass their different event areas. This included both in-land and in-water structures, exhibition halls, hospitality areas and guest service areas.

We were tasked with the foundation development, design, manufacturing and logistics for the majority of the event. The project came together after over a year of planning and collaborating with NMMA and other vested parties. Recreating an exhibition convention space outdoors was no easy task, and site preparation and installation took almost 6 months to complete. The client also tasked us with developing the infrastructure for the first year’s event in a way that would simplify installation for future events.

Beyond the exhibition space goals, we were also tasked with ancillary requirements such as hospitality services, HVAC services, lighting and exhibitor services.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The primary complexity of this project was the scope of work. All structures were required to be brand new, and this required a very sophisticated supply chain and manufacturing strategy. With over a million pounds of steel and aluminum, as well as over half a million square feet of fabric vinyl, process and quality control played an important role. Manufacturing spanned over a four month time period, and required around the clock shifts to ensure that material was ready in time for installation.

A custom baseplate and footer connection was created and installed so that future installations for the event would not require setting the tent baseplates for the main structure. This was done to accomplish one of the client main goals of simplifying future installs.

The client needed 350,000 square feet of space for Boat Displays, 170,000 square feet of space for Engine and Accessory exhibits, 185,000 square feet of retail and support structures and 100,000 square feet of in-water exhibitor structures.

In-water exhibits required that our team deal with individual exhibitors. This meant developing a responsive exhibitor program to deal with all exhibitor needs. Many of the exhibitor structures had custom branded, wraparound mesh parapets to hide their structure’s roof lines. Our team designed, manufactured and installed all structures, custom vinyl gables with client graphics and custom parapet/valance mesh banners with branding.

Beyond the manufacturing and logistical challenges, installation itself proved to be a difficult task due to the sheer size of the job site. Multiple shifts were utilized to ensure an on-time completion of the main structures as well as to respond to any last minute exhibitor orders or changes.

What were the results of the project?

The 2016 Miami International Boat Show as an astounding success, and the client is looking forward to repeating that success and next year’s event.

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