JAKs Awnings Ltd T A Cool Awnings

Project Details

Fabric 1

Sundream H
Producer/Manufacturer: Hiraoka & Co. Ltd.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabrication Company
JAKs Awnings Ltd T A Cool Awnings

Installation Company
JAKs Awnings Ltd T A Cool Awnings

Please describe the project specifications

The project was to manufacture and install a nearly 8m long x 2m wide welded aluminium frame, covered in PVC fabric on a first floor walkway to give rain protection to customers coming to the business owners office at the end of the walkway.
The business was located in first floor offices, accessible via a walkway from another building. They wanted cover for this walkway so their staff and customers had a safe, dry walkway to use to access the offices. To keep the cost down they wanted us to use and work around the existing posts.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The walkway we were covering was an existing steel structure, with upright posts, which we need to work around and fix to. We were covering the walkway from the office door along the building to the neighbour’s roofline. There was a step out just beside the door, which is where we started the awning.
We took long lengths to site and cut them up and made templates of each panel on site, screwed them together allowing for the cut outs around the posts, and took them back to the factory for the welder to fabricate into the final product. The panels had to have cut outs around the posts and fit between the building step out by the office door and finishing at the neighbour’s roof line left no margin for error and the job site was over an hour away from the factory, which was why we made the template onsite.

The walkway cover was nearly 8m long, made in three roof panels and one side panel to block rain and wind between the buildings.

To fix the awning in place we mounted angle against the front line of posts and used this as the front support fixing for the roof panels. The panels were directly fixed to the building at the back. The side panel was fixed to the buildings on either side.
The business had a safe, dry walkway for staff and customers to use to access the offices. They were very happy with the result and the owner has enquired about an awning for their home.

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