Project Details

Fabric 1

SolaMesh SHADE SAIL WIRE ROPE SS316 10MM (3/8”)
Producer/Manufacturer: Trivantage LLC
Primary Use: Hardware/Findings

Fabric 2

SolaMesh CABLE DEE RING SS316 10 X 55MM (3/8” X 2 3/16”)
Producer/Manufacturer: Trivantage LLC
Primary Use: Hardware/Findings

Fabric 3

SolaMesh LONG DEE SHACKLE SS316 10MM (3/8”)
Producer/Manufacturer: Trivantage LLC
Primary Use: Hardware/Findings

Fabric 4

SolaMesh Shade Sails
Producer/Manufacturer: Trivantage LLC
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Architect Company
Hord Coplan Macht

Fabrication Company
Roberts Awnings

Please describe the project specifications

We were contacted about providing a shade sail solution for a new luxury apartment complex in the heart of Washington, D.C. The Wren's design goal was to redefine luxury living in the nation’s capital with a modern lifestyle designed with balance in mind. We needed an innovative outdoor fabric that would complement the look of a new modern luxury apartment high-rise in the shadows of downtown D.C., and there was no question what our solution would be.

The team specified 12 SolaMesh Shade Sails, an inventive outdoor fabric using polymer technology, each at 91.8 square feet. The lightweight fabric works well in areas with frequent sun exposure, a requirement for the client. The Wren's signature element is an open-air skybridge that connects two of its iconic buildings. They needed a fabric that would offer overhead protection from the elements and one whose colors would balance the overall aesthetic of both the building and the surrounding community. The bridge is primarily for pedestrian traffic, but it also includes table seating along one side, making it a destination amenity for residents and guests.

The Wren has created unique, creative spaces throughout the complex, from its skybridge to ground-level seating for grilling and gathering. They wanted the same fabric for both high-traffic areas, making SolaMesh the perfect solution. We added the SolaMesh stainless steel hardware because it's designed to perform in tandem with the fabric.

What is unique or complex about the project?

You do not want to skimp on the hardware for shade sail applications given their exposure to high wind loads and wet conditions. We also incorporated SolaMesh shade sail hardware, made from high-strength stainless steel 316. The hardware is built to hold under maximum tension, another plus for an installation involving a skybridge.

The fabric we installed is durable, comes in colors as wild or as tame as the application requires, and offers a longer-term investment over umbrellas. SolaMesh fabric from Trivantage is made from highly stable HDPE monofilament cloth and tape, resulting in a product that’s very stable when exposed to UV rays. It's also is easy to clean for our client and provides reliable strength, value and longevity. We selected lime green and cream-colored fabric for The Wren and received great feedback.

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