JAK's Awnings Ltd T/A Cool Awnings

Project Details

Fabric 1

Ultraclear PVC
Producer/Manufacturer: Contender NZ Ltd.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabric 2

Diamond 700 PVC
Producer/Manufacturer: Contender NZ Ltd.
Primary Use: Secondary Fabric

Installation Company
Cool Awnings

Please describe the project specifications

We were contacted to install outdoor blinds that were cantilevered off a concrete wall. No posts were allowed, and the structure had to be galvanized and powder coated steel, as it was very close to the sea, and stainless steel for all the fixings. It needed to be strong enough, not only to hold side blinds, but to hold blinds across the front of the structure as well. The blinds were clear to provide maximum weather protection, while maintaining the sea views.
The customer wanted outdoor blinds to provide a more comfortable environment for his café customers when seated outdoors. Due to council requirements they could not fix to the ground, so we could not install posts to create a framework, and had to be suspended from the wall.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Due to council requirements we could not fix any posts to the ground to create a framework for an enclosure of outdoor blinds. A shade sail above gave no overhead mounting options, so any blinds had to be cantilevered out from the wall.
Our installer worked with our engineer to come up with a design that would hold not only blinds out from the wall, but allowed them to mount blinds across the front, parallel to the building. The customers biggest concern was that they had to work within the council boundaries, and get approval from the very fussy body corp, who were concerned about the “aesthetics” of the job. We had to be structurally sound while being subtle. We ended up with a “hangman” style steel framework, that is removable if required, painted to match the building and free hanging.
This is located in a high wind area, which is fully exposed and the customer had to be made aware that they could not use these in high winds.

The wall sloped out and the ground surface is not even and slopes away. This meant the design could not be a complete frame and we manufactured it with adjustable points so that we could get the angles right on the day of the installation. Following installation, we provided Velcro attached infills between each blind to provide full protection.
The customer achieved the goal of fully utilising their available outdoor seating in inclement weather and maximizing their space in these difficult times.

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