JAKs Awnings Ltd T/A Cool Awnings

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer/Manufacturer: Contender NZ Ltd.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Installation Company
Cool Awnings

Please describe the project specifications

The customer wanted to provide retractable shade over glass conservatory and deck area, to shade both the outdoor area and keep the heat out from inside the home. The area for mounting was between floors on an old style tudor home, and there was lots of pipes and batons to work around.

The purpose of the project was to provide retractable shade and light rain protection over the deck and to block the sun going into the home through the conservatory in the peak of summer. Everything had to be packed out around the exterior pipes and batons, and flashings installed to close the gap back to the house to maximise the weather seal when not in use.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The wall was not a flush surface, but tudor style with regular batons as well as pipes running down the building. There was limited space for mounting between the conservatory and the second-floor windows and the two awnings had to be uniform along the house. We designed special brackets to mount within the available mounting space and packing out to avoid the external pipes. The bottom half of the fixings on each bracket hit the between floor joists and the top half of the fixings had to hit the vertical studs on the first floor, which were often difficult to locate, and we had to work around various pipes. The stud finder was not working on the concrete hardiplank, so years of experience and the hand sonar were called upon. This added additional time to the installation.
Flashing and special brackets were used to work around the pipes, and further packing was required to space out special brackets and flashing and to close gap between pelmet and wall.
We had to have an installer working over the conservatory glass to mount the brackets, so we laid timber on top of conservatory to be able to get (the lightest installer on the day) up to mount the brackets on the wall.

Customer has reduced heat entry into the home through the conservatory and is now able to use their deck a lot more. They are very happy with the final result.

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