VECTOR Shade Structures

Project Details

Fabric 1

VALMEX® FR 700 opaque
Producer/Manufacturer: Mehler
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Damien OMara

Engineer Company 1
DCO Engineering

Design Name
Sam Burke

Design Company
VECTOR Shade Structures

Fabrication Company

Project Manager Name
Mark Evans

Project Manager Company
VECTOR Shade Structures

Installation Company
VECTOR Shade Structures

Please describe the project specifications

Our client had a “vision” for their new international award winning marina. We worked with them over several months reviewing the concepts until we were able to create a unique design that offered exactly what the client was after

The structure had to be designed and engineered to withstand a 1 in 100 year storm and flooding event and to allow the tallest yacht in the marina to remain protected.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This is the first of its that we know of in the world!!!!!

Not only is it our biggest project completed but we installed it over water!!!!

Our engineer worked with the Marina engineer to ensure that the pylons were able to withstand the transference of loads. The pylons acted as the footings and were between 600 and 900mm in diameter and embedded over 13m into the marina sea floor.

During the installation of the pylons a full 3D survey of the specially design caps was taken. It was noted that no 2 pylons were aligned. To keep in with the clients “vision” each ribbon frame was designed to be the same size as its neighbor, meaning the steel trusses and braces had to be individually designed, this created over 1000 individual drawings for the steel.

The ribbon frames were built on land and skinned. Each weighing approx. 3.5t and approx. 6mx20m. they were lifted via a 60t crane located on a 121ft barge. The steel and frames were transport using a feeder barge (82 ft)

During installation we used 2 x 86 straight stick booms on another 82ft barge. Every day we had to move the barges into position in a very tight area surround by 10s of millions of dollars worth of yachts. We were restricted in some locations by the high and low tides marks, restricted by the hours we could work due to residential areas and marina traffic, restricted by the wind velocity on our lifts and restricted with lifting in the rain.

A very difficult project to design and engineer, even more difficult to install but an amazing result with a very happy client.

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