Project Details

Fabric 1

PVC - Acrylic - Black Out
Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Ing. Oliver Neira

Engineer Company 1

Architect Name
Arq. Renzo Reátegui

Architect Company
W+R Arquitectos

Please describe the project specifications

W + R Arquitectos Studio responsable for the design and expansion of El Rooftop, the exclusive terrace of the only Relais & Châteaux hotel in Lima, the Hotel B, who commissioned us to design the cover for the new cocktail bar.
The project should transform the existing terrace into a unique one so that the main element would be the cocktail bar. The main request was to create something different but sophisticated without losing its functionality: create shade while protecting as well from the typical drizzle of Lima’s winter months. Moreover, the covering should have the least number of elements that interfering with the view as well as avoiding interfering with the terrace circulation.
The great challenge was to achieve a design that stood out, considering that the proportion of the cone was not ideal due to a difference between the beams and the cone’s ring structure. On one hand, we had the beams that we couldn´t change to much, for not loose shade and protection against the rain, and on the other hand we had the tensioning ring of the cone limited by the tray and the ceiling of the skylight, that is the entrance of the rooftop that we couldn´t touch.
Finally, we decided to move slightly raise up the central beams and down the ones in the corners, generating 02 levels in the perimeter, allowing more control of the sun's entry in the lowers part and at the same time we reduce the amount of points to directing the water. On the other hand, we raised intermediate points at each intersection between beams and braces that modified the surface of the cone. Due to this, a special and detailed work in the pattern area was demanded. Installation was also a challenge, we had to leave one of the diagonals unwelded in order to make it easier to join and in addition have the option in the future to uninstall it for maintenance without needing to disassemble the structure.
Last but not least, Singular Lighting integrate a LED lighting system, attached to the tray, so it illuminates the entire surface from below providing the perfect touch of modernity and sophistication that the hotel required.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This project has been important to us since it came from the W + R Arquitectos Studio, a well known studio in Lima Peru and of course knowing the importance and impact that the project was going to have since it was being developed in one of the most beautiful art boutique hotels of Lima.
The big difference between past year projects and this one is that it has been executed in the middle of the pandemic and in one of the countries that suffered the most and therefore we had to overcome different difficulties that arose in the middle of the project. Despite this, we believe we met the standard and the goal was achieved.

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