GuildWorks, LLC

Project Details

Fabric 1

Sioen - Fluo2Max - Type III
Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Craig Crowley, PE, SE; J David Bowick, P. Eng.

Engineer Company 1
DCI Engineering; Blackwell Structural Engineers; Guildworks, LLC

Design Name
Mar Ricketts; Sebastian Collet

Design Company
GuildWorks, LLC

Architect Company
NAC Architecture

Fabrication Company
GuildWorks, LLC

Project Manager Company
Garco Construction

Installation Name
Sebastian Collet

Installation Company
GuildWorks, LLC

Please describe the project specifications

We were approached by NAC Architecture to incorporate a tensile shade structure at the historic US Pavilion structure which was at the heart of Expo ‘74. This Riverfront Park Pavilion was part of a major renovation project for the City of Spokane, WA at the former world fair site. The shade elements were to serve as both area shade for the multi-use outdoor pavilion and as an artistic element and backdrop for performances held in this space.

The concept we developed to best serve the space was to utilize the existing 46 year old cable net structure that was originally designed to last only a few years but remains as a landmark. Anchored to the 150’ tall mast, there is a 50’ diameter bale ring that supports the massive conical cable net structure. In order to add new fabrics to this historic structure, we had to conduct a thorough inspection of all the existing elements and reverse engineer the structure for loading capacity to meet modern building standards.

The final solution utilized a carefully balanced array of steel struts, wire rope to suspend 72 fabric hypars with enough shape and pretension to handle the intense, wind, snow, and ice loads required in that part of the country. The Riverfront Park Pavilion is now host to many concerts and cultural events and is also just a favorite destination for anyone visiting Spokane, at night you will see many people hanging out under the structure as well, enjoying the ambiance from the color changing lights.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This was such an interesting project to work on as it utilized a historic landmark as the primary structure and had more individual pieces of fabric than any other permanent fabric structure we have built.

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