Sand Sea and Air Interiors Inc.

Project Details

Fabric 1

Batyline EDEN WP 50563 70.9" wide (A Waterproof Marine Vinyl)
Producer/Manufacturer: Serge Ferrari

Fabric 2

PTFE Thread
Producer/Manufacturer: Solar Fix

Fabric 3

Marine Velcro Hook + Loop Velcro

Fabric 4

American Plastics 1/4” foam

Design Name
Alayna Wool

Design Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors Inc

Fabrication Name
Jose A Negron, Romeo Tecu, Terri Madden, Johny Morales

Fabrication Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors Inc.

Project Manager Name
Alayna Wool

Project Manager Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors Inc.

Installation Name
Alayna Wool, Johny Morales, Raymond Oracca

Installation Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

Our client requested the replacement of the deteriorated exterior seating areas of the upper and lower decks. There were over 60 individual pieces that had to be dismantled, replicated and installed with a marine material that would withstand the harsh tropical environment. The material was fabricated with Single and Double Topstitching for all of the exterior seating areas, it provided a unique harmony throughout the vessel.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The vast quantity and design complexities for each and every individual cushion were a challenge that we proceeded cautiously towards for the 6 major exterior seating areas, four of which were are presented here. Our attention was non-stop to pattern and reproduce every detail to retain the design elements of the original cushions while improving on the form and function details within the spaces. The waterproof marine material from Serge Ferrari was a challenge to fabricate due to the rigid weave construction that required perfect fitting along irregular contours and installation. The characteristics reflected the appearance and comfort of fabric, yet it is designed to out-perform the original material for years to come. We have used it on several projects since this application and our customers are thrilled with the performance.

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