Eide Industries, Inc.

Project Details

Fabric 1

Serge Ferrari Soltis 92
Producer/Manufacturer: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Architect Name
Steven Schrader

Architect Company

Fabrication Name
Angela Juarez

Fabrication Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Subcontractor Name
Bryan Griffith

Subcontractor Company

Graphics Name
Ruben Rodriguez

Graphics Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Project Manager Name
Rick McBride

Project Manager Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Installation Name
Albert Soto

Installation Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

The One Paseo project, commissioned by Kilroy Realty, is a working and living community consisting of approximately 286,000 square feet of office spaces, over 40 boutique shops and restaurants, and a mixture of over 600 smart and spacious townhomes. Working with Whiting-Turner, Eide Industries fabricated and installed four Tensile Facade Systems to the exterior of the multi-level One Paseo Parking Structure in San Diego, California. The mural facades, showcasing the unique surf culture and lifestyle artwork of Andy Davis, were digitally printed onto a combined total of 13,249 square feet of Serge Ferrari Soltis 92 mesh fabric.

- West Elevation (CROUCH) - 67.00'L x 44.50'H - 2,982 SQFT Coverage Area
- East Elevation (BIRDY BIRD) - 34.42'L x 44.25'H - 1,523 SQFT Coverage Area
- South Elevation (LASH SLASH) - 33.50'L x 54.33'H - 1,820 SQFT Coverage Area
- South Elevation (DEL MAR DAZE) - 126.08'L x 54.92'H - 6,924 SQFT Coverage Area

What is unique or complex about the project?

To showcase how large-scale mural facade can utilized to enhance a community, shopping center and office park.

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