Pfeifer Spatial Structures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Company 1
PFEIFER Spatial Structures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Architect Company
Ningbo Mingzhou Architectural Design Institute

Fabrication Company
PFEIFER Spatial Structures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Project Manager Company
PFEIFER Spatial Structures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Installation Company
PFEIFER Spatial Structures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Please describe the project specifications

NINGBO ENRICH LIFE BIO-TEC Factory and Office Building Facade Project consists of two parts: factory with White PTFE mesh and office building with Gray PTFE mesh. Owner is the manufacturer of Jelley Brown, a modern enterprise with high pursuit of aesthetics and practicality. This project hopes to build a creative workplace for employees and researchers, and stimulate the enthusiasm, imagination and sense of belonging of them.

This project adopts skeleton membrane structure, which divided into 230 units. Surface area of Gray PTFE mesh is about 3000 square meters and 11,000 square meters of White PTFE mesh. The amount of steel is about 450 tons. The overall shape of the factory is divided into two parts: the part from the upper part to the roof parapet is designed as a circular arc shape, and the side elevation is vertical to the wall. The exterior design of the office building draws on the shape of diamonds. This project not only has good architectural functions such as sun shading and rain proofing, but also has beautiful artistic effects.

What is unique or complex about the project?

As the client has a delicate pursuit for the artistic sense of architectural effect, each membrane unit of the project has no welds, which makes the facade perfect and smooth, forming a beautiful facade effect and shading effect. The appearance of the office building draws on the diamond shape, that is, it looks like a diamond from every perspective, especially when it reflected in the lake in front of the building. The factory, office building and natural environment are perfectly combined.

This membrane structure project gives full play to the chemical and physical performance of materials, and has the characteristics of novel design, unique structure and beautiful appearance, has been praised by the client and the local government.

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