Company:, a division of Eide Industries, Inc.

Project Details

Fabric 1

Sheerfill V
Producer/Manufacturer: Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Design Name
James Yost

Design Company
GAI Consultants, Inc.

Architect Name
Phoebe Patton Randolph

Architect Company
Edward Tucker Architects, Inc.

Fabrication Name
Angela Juarez

Fabrication Company

Project Manager Name
Rick McBride

Project Manager Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Installation Name
Albert Soto

Installation Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

The City of Huntington, West Virginia wanted to rejuvenate the community by transforming the downtown arena to be more attractive for all local residences and visitors. The idea was to generate a neighborhood sense of well-being with open possibilities for outdoor concerts, movie nights, yoga in the park, farmers markets and additional convention meeting spaces. This was accomplished by redesigning the arena entrance plaza and implementing a combination of high-tech displays, creative landscaping, artistic pieces and water features scattered throughout the grounds. The trapezoid top measures approximately 26.24' x 33.82' x 44.67' x 17.56'. The height dimensions range from 9.35' to 20.50 High. The fabric structure is engineered for 115 MPH wind loads.

What is unique or complex about the project?

After completing a successful tension structure project in nearby Charleston, the division of Eide was brought onboard the Mountain Health Area project by GAI’s Community Solutions Group (CSG) and Edward Tucker Architects. This shade structure is one of the iconic features to complete the transformation of the exterior arena plaza from a large and empty expanse of concrete to an inviting landscape with outdoor entertainment area for everyone to enjoy.

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