Tropical Js

Project Details

Fabric 1

Eclissi by Corradi
Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Ian Robertson, PhD

Engineer Company 1
Ian Robertson, PhD

Design Name
Gary Barnes

Design Company
Tropical Js

Architect Name

Architect Company

Fabrication Name
Corradi, USA

Fabrication Company
Corradi, USA

Subcontractor Name

Subcontractor Company

Graphics Name

Graphics Company

Project Manager Name
Kyle Pang

Project Manager Company
P3 Management, LLC

Installation Name
MaunaLani Resort Retractable Canopies

Installation Company
Tropical Js

Please describe the project specifications

We were contacted by the general contractor of the Mauna Lani Resort renovation on the Big Island of Hawaii to provide a motorized retractable canopy for a new hospitality deck. It was a several month yet fast tracked design process working mostly with ownership and the general contractor. In the end, a design developed between our company and Corradi USA resulting in a one-of-a-kind customized product combining elements from both their Kubo Cabana and their B-Space system. It resulted in two 17ft wide x 30ft projection retractable canopies set end-to-end, opening from the outside in. Fabric panels were custom designed to drain to the outside, long side. Due to the nature of the architecture, the retractable canopies were offset from the building requiring steel stitch awning panels to direct rain from balconies above out and down to the retractable canopy below.

What is unique or complex about the project?

We took this project due to recent experience with customizing Corradi's products and our symbiotic relationship with Corradi’s designers and manufacturers. Just off the heels of our IAA award winning installation at another resort, we felt we could, within reason, do almost anything. There were several demands from the ownership: we needed a rain proof exit from the building out to and under the new canopy. So very tailored cut steel stitch panels were designed to fit tight tolerances. The canopies needed to open from outside to center and be rain proof where the two canopies met in the interior. The installation needed to meet Hawaii’s coastal wind loads with limited attachments and a deck too thin for appropriate anchors. The canopy was ordered late in the construction schedule, so design, construction, shipping and installation were all rushed. Any flaws in production (and there were only a few) would need to be fixed in a remote area, at least one hour from any hardware resources. To the best our awareness, we surpassed all requirements and provided them beautiful and useful protective covering for their high end guests. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the resort was not allowed to open until recently. All photos are from our installation files.

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