Project Details

Fabric 1

DualShade 350FR
Producer/Manufacturer: Gale Pacific
Primary Use: main fabric

Fabric 2

Suppression Mesh
Producer/Manufacturer: Dazian
Primary Use: secondary fabric

Design Name
Duvall Design

Design Company

Fabrication Company

Graphics Company
Printed Ink

Project Manager Company

Installation Company

Please describe the project specifications

Summer visitors to LL Bean’s flagship store in Freeport, Maine, will not miss the large and beautiful green and white shade structure in the courtyard. It supports the many free activities provided by LL Bean for visitors; morning yoga classes, movie nights, fitness classes, concerts, and lawn games.

The green fabric provides the shade. When the sun is bright, (or when the fog is misting), the place to be is under it, as it blocks 94% of UV. The zip-on white mesh fabric panels, printed with the MasterCard logo, helped LL Bean to recoup some of the cost of the project.

This temporary structure requires no footings or site engineering. It is designed to withstand 50 mph winds, and must be taken down before the snow arrives.

It does require a DigSafe inspection, to ensure that gas, plumbing, sewage, electrical and communication lines are not damaged by stakes or augurs. The inspection revealed a surprising number of underground elements, evidenced by the many paint marks on the lawn.

The structure also requires the grounds crew to avoid its near-ground elements. Lawnmowers and weed trimmers aren't friendly to ropes and fabric!

What is unique or complex about the project?

This project is the first in a new product category for us. As Covid instantly eliminated rentals of our many interior decor elements, it also created great interest in outdoor shelters. Our long-standing alliance with the designer helped us to quickly adapt to the new reality with a range of beautiful and practical outdoor shelters.

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