SHADE Industries

Project Details

Fabric 1

Commercial 95 340
Producer/Manufacturer: Gale Pacific USA Inc.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Nick Keizer

Engineer Company 1
RNK Structural Engineering

Design Name
Josh Henderson

Design Company
SHADE Industries

Fabrication Company
SHADE Industries

Project Manager Company
SHADE Industries

Installation Company
SHADE Industries

Please describe the project specifications

This project consists of six (6) custom shade sails that span over a commercial patio. The sails connect to the building framework with custom steel tabs and to the building wall with custom wall brackets. Four custom-length drop rolls provide additional shade during the early mornings.

This project was constructed in two separate phases. During the first phase of the project, the client specifically requested near complete shade coverage over the patio, but constructed within the patio perimeter. As the patio was oriented on the eastern side of the building, our shade studies showed the patio would receive decent shade during mid-day and evenings, but would receive direct sun in the morning during sunrise. The following year, the customer came back with a two-fold request – to modify the shade sail design to provide more of a visual interest from the street, and to address the early morning sun that would glare through the eastern windows.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The design for Phase 2 was the most unique part of this project, as we had to deal with low sun projecting piercing glares into the eastern windows. This goal is difficult to achieve with shade sails alone, so we designed a series of drop rolls to fit within each span of the structure to provide functional shade when it was necessary. To conquer the goal of visual interest from the street, we designed a second set of shade sails to layer over the existing sails. The design of the additional anchors proved challenging, as we needed to raise the second set of sails as much as we could with a stationary framework to retain proper clearance between sails.

The final installation features a unique compilation of layered shade sails that not only draw a viewer’s eye from the street, but also features a unique view from within the patio. Employees of this facility are able to step away from their work stations and enjoy a breath of fresh air during break times while being protected from the intense Arizona sun.

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