Losberger De Boer

Project Details

Fabric 1

Polyplan 659 Type III - Blockout
Producer/Manufacturer: Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1

Engineer Company 1
Geometrica Inc

Design Name

Design Company
Losberger De Boer

Architect Name

Architect Company

Fabrication Name

Fabrication Company
Tensaform Membran

Subcontractor Name
Nasim Ahmed Siddique

Subcontractor Company
Faisal Abdullah Awad Bin Laden Contracting Est.

Graphics Name

Graphics Company

Project Manager Name
Martijn Maartens

Project Manager Company
Losberger De Boer

Installation Name

Installation Company
Losberger De Boer

Please describe the project specifications

The Jeddah Superdome's 210-metre span is entirely free of internal columns. The dome's height at its apex is 46 metres. The roof area is 39,800 square meters. The geodesic structure sits on a steel ring beam/columns that allow for unprecedented flexibility of layout and access throughout its perimeter.

As the main contractor appointed by Sela Sports Company in February 2020, our scope was the design/build of the structure for the Jeddah Superdome and acting as a consultant on the project and coordinating with third-party service/product providers appointed by Sela Sports Company. Jeddah Superdome is a multi-purpose event space and, initially commissioned or Jeddah Seasons, will play an integral role in the Kingdom's events, tourism and entertainment programme. From concerts, shows and sporting events to brand activations and exhibitions, the dome will host some of the Kingdom's stand-out events.

Although Saudi Arabia announced Jeddah Season, originally scheduled to take place in June/July 2020, plans were cancelled as part of the country's measures to curb the coronavirus outbreak, work on the ambitious Jeddah Superdome project continued, targeting Guinness World Records™ titles and ensuring the dome's on-time completion.

Of paramount importance to the client was our ability to complete the record-breaking structure in the challenging timeframes set while ensuring the quality and finish of the structure rivalled that of its more traditional counterparts. This was made possible only by the off-site modular construction of the dome.

We specialise in designing/delivering/constructing modular construction products in record time. Jeddah Superdome is cost-effective in that it is open, ready-to-use and already hosting events, and this was achieved in a very short period of time. If traditional construction methods were used to build a structure of this type, it would take months, if not years, longer than the time it took for us to deliver the dome. This makes modular construction solutions incredibly cost-effective for clients who want to commercialise buildings in challenging time frames.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Our in-house design team and trusted partner Geometrica designed the dome's concept, working closely with the client to meet every aspect of the brief and create an events space, the likes of which have not been seen in this region before.

The concept design was approved in January 2020 and building began in February. Due to the pandemic and resulting restrictions by Saudi Arabia's government/regulatory bodies, the original timeline was amended by the client. We gained the necessary approvals to continue working despite the country being in lockdown, making it be possible to complete and hand over the frame in September 2020, ahead of schedule and subsequently the full structure, including the PVC roof cladding by December 2020.

With a diameter of 210 metres, the Jeddah Super Dome has claimed the Guinness World Records(TM) titles for the world's largest geodesic dome and largest dome with continuous roof. It is a multi-purpose event space and will play an integral role in the Jeddah Season events programme. From live shows, concerts and sporting events to brand activations and exhibitions, the dome will host some of the Kingdom's stand-out events.

Offering a covered area of 34,636 square metres and with a surface area of 39,753 square metres, the dome has a ring beam support structure of almost 80 rings and comprises over 8,500 aluminium connector nodes, close to 37,000 steel tubes and over 300 tonnes of steel ring beam. The height at the centre of the dome is 46 metres and the structure weighs more than 1,600 tons, including the dome steel/purlins/PVC membrane. To complete the construction of the dome, we deployed a team of over 200, including manufacturing/installation teams, who achieved more than 200,000 safe manhours without lost-time injury.

Despite the record-breaking size of Jeddah Superdome, it is possible to replicate the structure. The size could be modified to meet the requirements of the client/fit the available space. While it is possible to replicate the dome, it is a one-off, totally unique structure as of today. This one-of-a-kind structure was designed and built as a multi-purpose event venue, but could change the way event venues and commercial spaces are designed and delivered in the region for future projects.

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