JAK's Awnings Ltd T/A Cool Awnings

Project Details

Fabric 1

Diamond 700 PVC
Producer/Manufacturer: Contender NZ Ltd.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Installation Company
Cool Awnings

Please describe the project specifications

The customer wanted a waterproof canopy over odd shaped, tiled, first floor deck, that had to match the curved line of the roof and designed to allow addition of outdoor blinds.
The customer requested an all weather cover over an odd shaped deck, that they could add outdoor blinds to make an outdoor room. The shape had to be in keeping with the curved style of the roof, and could not mount down to the floating tile floor. The awning had to pass over two banks of windows, being weather tight but not attached to the glass.

What is unique or complex about the project?

What was unique or complex about this project? Where do we start - curved house, triangular deck, poor access, couldn’t penetrate tile floor, wall of windows.
Customer wanted a curved profile canopy to match the line of the curved roof. The deck was not parallel to the house nor square, so the canopy was designed square with a cantilevered overhang.
The canopy had to be mounted to the house and the balustrade as we could not penetrate tiled deck. We added an additional post at the front, a beam that ran across the floor and pinned to the balustrade at each side. This allowed us to split the distance to facilitate the addition of outdoor blinds.
The customer wanted to add outdoor blinds, and the structure needed to be engineered for the extra weight and wind loading.
There were two walls of windows where the canopy was to be positioned. The installation started with a curved angle flashing, and which we sealed against the window with closed cell foam, silicone and fabric flashing.
The deck was on the first floor but did not have its own access stairwell, so access was over the balcony or through the house. The awning was manufactured and covered in two sections, and then the sections had to be man handled up the side of the house and on to the balcony by hand (by 5 installers).
The first section was installed against the house before the second section was passed up and bolted and sealed to the first.
No one else that the customer approached was able to assist with coming up with a design that would cover the deck and be able to be closed in with outdoor blinds. The customer was very happy with the finished job. The seal against the house worked perfectly and they can enjoy the deck year round.

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