In Stitches Customs

Project Details

Fabric 1

Sunbrella Horizon Capriccio
Producer/Manufacturer: Trivantage LLC
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabric 2

Carbon Fiber Silver
Producer/Manufacturer: Keyston Bros.
Primary Use: Secondary Fabric

Fabric 3

Carbon Fiver Torchfire
Producer/Manufacturer: Keyston Bros.
Primary Use: Additional Fabric

Fabric 4

Aruvo lifetime thread
Producer/Manufacturer: Trivantage LLC
Primary Use: OTHER

Design Name
Vorei Frost

Design Company
In Stitches Customs

Fabrication Name
Vorei Frost

Fabrication Company
In Stitches Customs

Installation Name
Jason Reeves and Vorei Frost

Installation Company
In Stitches Customs

Please describe the project specifications

In the clients words, "make it bitchin'. " We talked a lot about what he wanted but it was very difficult to get a good read and he changed his mind a lot. Eventually I just started designing in the hope he would come around. The first design I came up with (for the diamond pattern) was turned down with "yeah, I don't like it". Having worked with this client for many years I realized I would have to be very detailed with my design proposal. I produced detailed drawings, using the original diamond design and he fell in love.
The project was very complex with multiple concave and complex shapes. It was very challenging to come up with a design the made sense and would transfer to other parts of the boat. The unique radiating diamond design required a template which I made out of acrylic and cut on our laser. It made laying out the diamonds and matching up transitions more accurate. It was also a huge time saver.

What is unique or complex about the project?

I entered this project because, although the challenge was overwhelming at times it brought me back to doing what I truly love. Sometimes we are so engrossed in business that it's easy to forget how much we love our art. We don't always get to use and challenge our skills in such a creative and satisfying way, I really wanted to share it.

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