Appleton Awning Shop Inc

Project Details

Fabric 1

Sunbrella - Black
Producer/Manufacturer: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabric 2

Locking Rail Hinge with Push Release
Producer/Manufacturer: Trivantage LLC
Primary Use: Hardware/Findings

Design Name
Mark Matz

Fabrication Name
Vinson Buman

Please describe the project specifications

Customer wanted a top for his "golf cart" that would provide shade while driving around. It was also supposed to provide protection for the upholstery and dash while it was sitting at the marina or other areas he would go during the day. This was all supposed to be able to fold up into a compact boot so it could easily be stored in place on the buggy when not in use. 7/8" aluminum tubing was used to create the framework. This provided a lightweight, yet strong framework to attach to. The main support bar broke in half with a Locking Rail Hinge with Push Button Release. The material was attached with black snaps to the tubing as well as zippers. This allows the customer to detach the canvas to be able to wash it when needed, as well as providing fasteners that blend in with the material. Straps tension the material in the front and back to allow adjustment of the angle of the top if desired. Customer was happy with the overall build and the way we were able to meet his requests.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This was a one of a kind build that had to be built and designed on the buggy. The buggy itself was being customized and fully restored by the customer. The utmost care and precision needed to be used since the buggy is believed to be only one of 8 in the USA, and only one of 16 in the world (the other 8 being located in Dubai). The main frame breakdown made it special because it allowed the frame to fold up into a compact boot that was not much bigger than the custom roll bar. The support straps attached at the rear of the roll bar and base of the windshield, adjust to allow for varying tension on the fabric as well as angle of the top. The variety of positions the top can be in makes it versatile for use and easy to customize. Attaching the material to the frame was difficult since the snaps needed to be drilled in on the side of the round tube.

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