Project Details

Fabric 1

Top Gun 9
Producer/Manufacturer: Marlen Textiles
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabric 2

Producer/Manufacturer: Polyfab Australia
Primary Use: Webbing/Narrow Fabric

Fabric 3

triangle ring
Producer/Manufacturer: Polyfab Australia
Primary Use: Hardware/Findings

Fabric 4

Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Webbing/Narrow Fabric

Design Name
Amy Poe and Carlisle Poe

Design Company

Fabrication Name
Wyatt Poe

Fabrication Company

Project Manager Name
Amy Poe

Project Manager Company

Installation Company
Noble Ridge Tree Deck (client)

Please describe the project specifications

The client had a newly built platform in the forest that they were renting out as a wedding venue. The wanted a unique and glamorous rain canopy that would complement their spectacular forest setting. It needed to be easy to install and remove, lightweight, and adjustable in size as the trees grew.

They approached us with a list of measurements from tree to tree above their deck. From those measurements we were able to design a custom-fitted canopy that was suspended between the trees. Alternating heights on the corners gives it a distinctive shape and allows for the canopy to adjust in size by raising or lowering the corners slightly as the trees grow. The client designed and installed their own cable system to support the canopy between the trees. Our company designed and fabricated the canopy itself.

We selected white Top Gun 9 for its weight, strength, durability, and water resistance. The fabric is easy to work with and has a perfect aesthetic feel for a wedding canopy, at a relatively good price. To provide flexibility in the lighting system, we added a row of white EZ-lace at each of the primary seams that ran from the center of the canopy to the tree, so the client could string LED lights. We completed the corners with triangle rings and webbing from Polyfab.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This project was unusual in that we received an email with a list of measurements and a phone number. The measurements were intriguing enough that I quickly followed up with a phone call, which was followed by a 3D design that same day. It was a pleasure working with a customer that understood what he needed and how to achieve it. We were able to collaborate easily on the rigging system that he designed and installed and how it would work with the canopy itself.

The project was also special to our company because it was designed and fabricated entirely by our family - my younger son and I did the design and patterning, and my oldest son cut the material and sewed the canopy.

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