TSM Systems, LLC

Project Details

Fabric 1

8 rolls of soltis Frontside View 38L lnterferential Gray #3121(Main structure)
Producer/Manufacturer: Serge Ferrari (France)
Supplier: Serge FerrariAmericas in Florida and from France

Fabric 2

2 rolls of Soltis 86-2049 Alu/Alu (2 Entrance/Exits)
Producer/Manufacturer: Serge Ferrari Americas in Florida
Supplier: Tri Vantage in California

Design Name
Fred Woodward

Design Company
TSM Systems LLC

Fabrication Name
Fred Woodward

Fabrication Company
TSM Systems

Please describe the project specifications

ln 2015-2017 TSM was working on the Aluminum Perforated Motorized Louvers over the Greenhouse at Desert Botanical Gardens. DBG asked us to bid the Shade on the original build of the Butterfly Pavilion. We introduced Serge Ferrari material to DBG for the Butterfly Pavilion but at the time it was not in the budget. The original contractor used a cheaper method to install using cheaper material smaller width brand from another Company.

Upon visiting the Chihuly Glass Garden Event, we saw The Butterfly Pavilion, ln less than 2 years later, it was falling apart, deteriorated and faded, not suitable for butterflies or the public. We contacted Elaine McGinn to propose a makeover with a few new ideas for a functional, beautiful, pleasant atmosphere for the Butterfly Pavilion that they could be proud of, and the butterflies could safely live. Elaine was adamant about major improvements and liked our recommendations but wanted samples and drawings to submit to DBG, The original structure design was unique but needed major repairs. Another company provided a crew to tear down the old shade material that was draped on, removal of all the dysfunctional steel rigging, cleanup and detail some of the steel. Then Fargo Painting sealed up thousands of holes on the upright steel
posts and the painting was done with durable exterior paint. We hauled off all the debris, approximately 2000 lbs. We capped the top of horizontal steel beams with custom ushaped brake metal to stop water leaks and erosion, and to protect the integrity of the steel beams. We designed heavy duty screen frame panels with Soltis Ferrari Fabrics 381for the bulk of them and Soltis Ferrari 86 for the entrance/exit areas.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Screen Panels ranged from 6 - 8 feet wide and 0 - 26 feet long, no two frames were the same size nor square in any way. A total of 3200 sq ft plus, the side walls in this open-air structure. A durable weatherstrip was used on the frames to protect from electrolysis of the metals then installed with stainless steel screws with neoprene washers, using an 80' articulated manlift.

A soft mist system was installed by others, with special design/instructions. Making it cooler with this water feature in this very colorful garden with ponds and a beautiful variety of plants. Our crew and all the volunteers worked diligently on making it a very pleasing atmosphere.

What was the result of the project?
The project on Mar.!2,2020 was completed just in time for the Seasonal Opening of the Butterfly pavilion at the Desert Botanical Gardens. TSM Systems crew was invited to help release some of the butterflies for the event. We loved the smiles on the children and adults faces as they walked through the garden.
The Butterfly Pavilion Crew were very appreciative of the end results of their lovely redesigned Butterfly Garden pavilion. We appreciated the opportunity to make a difference and able to make their dreams come true.

Today it's still standing as if just completed, holding up very well to passing of time and extreme weather in phoenix, AZ

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