Fresco Shades

Project Details

Fabric 1

Ferrari 502
Producer/Manufacturer: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Design Company
Fresco Shades Ltd

Fabrication Company
Fresco Shades Ltd

Installation Company
Fresco Shades Ltd

Please describe the project specifications

The brief was for a pitched roofed canopy, which allowed for a hole to fit around the customer’s custom-made braai BBQ. Our client frequently cooks and entertains outside, and he wanted a weatherproof area to make this comfortable year-round.
The design needed to suit the angles of the house and provide maximum coverage for the area.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Our client made frequent changes to the design, and even changed the chimney design from the original idea, which meant we had many plans and re-quotes at the planning stage.
The back retaining wall was not square in relation to the house, while the side walls also tapered in, so we had to inset the posts as the deck wasn’t square. Due to the large span, extra support beams were required to add strength.
Due to the shape of this canopy, we needed to use several stands to support the structure as we assembled it.
One of the most challenging parts of this job was feeding the canopy roof over the chimney – and tensioning it around the chimney. There was not a lot of access to tension the roof, being hard up against the building on one side and the fire on the other. There wasn’t any tolerance in size so everything had to fit perfectly or the cover would end up with wrinkles or leaks.
This took 2 trips, as the original roof wasn’t quite right. As this job was out of town, each trip was a 5-hour return journey, but we were determined to get the roof as perfect as possible. The final result was 100% weathertight around the chimney and connection to house wall.

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