Brookwood Companies, Inc.

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Please describe the project specifications

The Institute of Heraldry at the Department of Defense contacted us to come up with an alternative for a fabric made of fiber that was no longer available in the states. This fabric is used indoors for ceremonial flags from the White House to embassies around the globe. This material needed to be available in 25 colors, have the same drape and hand, and be able to receive appliqués without puckering. The specification requirements are as follows:

Breaking Strength (ASTM D5034) - Minimum LBS: Warp: 215; Filling - 254
Tear Strength (ASTM D2261) - Minimum LBS: Warp: 4.5; Filling - 6.0
Air permeability - (ASTMD737) - 7.0 - 10.0 cu. ft./min./sq. ft.
Colorfastness to:
- Laundering - 1 cycle (AATCC 61 (1a) 3/) - 3-4
- Light - (AATCC 16.3, Option 3 4/) - 3-4
- Crocking (Wet & Dry) - (AATCC 8 5/) - 3.5/3.5
- Wet Dry Cleaning - 1 cycle (AATCC 132 3/) - 3-4
- Water (AATCC 107 3/) - 3-4

While it took several trials, we were able to achieve all of the above requirements successfully and produce this high-profile material using fiber made in the US. The development was complete in late 2020, we then produced the first 7 colors, and by summer 2021 the first ceremonial flags were completed.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This project was different and chosen for entry because it was an exceptionally challenging one. Not only did we have to meet a set specification and practical use criteria, but we also had to produce it in 25 colors to accommodate all the specific shades of each branch of the military and the various government groups and offices. It resulted in a great collaboration with the Institute of Heraldry to plan and manage the program including all the sub-contractors making the intricate designs of the ceremonial flags.

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