Project Details

Fabric 1

Sioen - Fluo2Max - Type III
Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Brian Bowden, PE

Engineer Company 1
Dunaway & Associates; GuildWorks, LLC

Design Name
Mar Ricketts; Beatriz Ferreyra

Design Company
GuildWorks, LLC

Architect Name
Matt Anders, PLA

Architect Company
Beau Welling Design

Fabrication Company
GuildWorks, LLC

Project Manager Company
Brasfield & Gorrie

Installation Name
Sebastian Collet

Installation Company
GuildWorks, LLC

Please describe the project specifications

Located in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC, the Camperdown Plaza is a new development that included the construction of a large residential tower, a hotel, an office building and various retail/commercial spaces. The client reached out to us to provide a grand, large-scale art installation that also provided some shade, but served as a unique design element that could also be seen at a distance.

One distinct challenge of this project was that the installation was to be installed over a parking garage which greatly limited what could be done in terms of support posts and ground anchoring. Luckily they reached out to us early enough in the process and we were able to embed anchors into three of the adjacent buildings. This was ultimately an elegant solution that did away with the need for many posts but was a complicated process working with a team of different engineers, architects and contractors that were in charge of the different buildings.

The final design consisted of two separate structures, supported largely by adjacent buildings with the help of very few posts, creating a very lightweight feeling to the structures. On the North east corner of the plaza, a small floating mast supports a star-burst of fabric which leads people into the plaza, where the main installation is located. Both structures in fact serve to help lead people into the plaza whether up one of the two main staircases or directly from the road. The final result is a large, complex network of fabric that appears to be floating as it is suspended rather remarkably by the buildings.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The use of adjacent buildings to essentially float the structure above the parking garage was unique in this project but turned out to be a great approach.

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