Project Details

Fabric 1

HDPE Smooth Black
Producer/Manufacturer: Solmax International Inc.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Mr Ng, Cenergi EPC Sdn Bhd

Design Name
Cenergi EPC Sdn Bhd

Fabrication Name
Pulau Carey, Selangor, Malaysia

Fabrication Company
Solmax Geosynthetics

Project Manager Name
Eric Yap M.D.

Project Manager Company
Wil-Key International

Installation Company
Wil-Key International Sdn Bhd

Please describe the project specifications

Cenergi develops, designs, finances, builds, owns and operates biogas projects that generate renewable energy from organic waste streams in Malaysia. They treat POME wastewater to produce biogas and use it as a fuel for power and/or steam generation, while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving wastewater effluent quality. POME is an excellent substrate for renewable biogas production. Biogas forms naturally when POME decomposes, converting waste to energy.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The project is unique because it uses an essentially impermeable geomembrane barrier and floating cover system. HDPE geomembrane is introduced as the primary barrier at the pond base to protect the environment and underground water from pollution, while floating cover system, a geomembrane barrier designed to float on the surface of a contained liquid, enhances the anaerobic digestion activity by exclusion of air (oxygen) and reduce the effect of odor. Most importantly it limits the release of methane produced by the wastewater ponds and enables the collection of methane which can be used as an alternative fuel. This methane gas is collected from around the perimeter via a perforated piping system and then processed in either flaring or co-generation.

Polyethylene, especially HDPE geomembrane, has significant advantages that make it a valuable engineering solution for environmental protection. The geomembrane has very low permeability, low methane and water vapor transmission rates, excellent long-term exposed weathering performance and chemical resistance. Its outstanding mechanical performance also makes it an excellent candidate for wastewater barrier and biogas (methane) cover system.
This POME Lagoon was lined with Solmax 1.0mm HDPE geomembrane along the base and then covered with a Solmax 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane sheet for capturing the biogas – creating an anaerobic digester. The Solmax HDPE Liner series is an optimal choice for applications that demand excellent chemical and UV resistance and overall endurance properties at an affordable cost.

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