J. Miller Canvas

Project Details

Fabric 1

Lamcotec High Performance Barrier Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Eric Chauvin

Fabrication Name
Bryan Presby

Fabrication Company
J. Miller Canvas

Please describe the project specifications

Our client had us manufacture this Boot to exacting specifications. The Boot is provided to protect the BICEP Array Telescope from the extreme environmental conditions at South Pole in Antarctica with temperatures down to -90 degree Celsius, and to keep warm the mechanical components of the drive systems, instruments and scientists inside. The Boot consists of a wind proof and thermally insulated cover supported by an articulated skeleton made of light tubular frames designed to accommodate the full kinematic of the Telescope. The cover is made in two halves to facilitate handling, connected to each other with laces and Velcro (the frames, produced by others, were segmented for air-shipment). The materials and construction of the cover allow the Boot for keeping its flexibility at the lowest temperature, and withstanding heavy duty cycles during astronomical observations for the 10 years lifetime of the Telescope.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The Boot was one of the more interesting and challenging projects J. Miller Canvas produced in 2020. The close collaboration between the customer and J. Miller Canvas was key to the success of the project; from the selection of the materials, to the full size shop proof assembly and tests of the entire Boot, through every detail of the design and fabrication. Bringing J. Miller Canvas expertise to a leading U.S. scientific program was also very exciting.

This was one of the most unusual projects we manufactured in 2020! Extremely exciting opportunity to manufacture out of the ordinary this custom Boot for the extremes of the South Pole, Antartica.

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