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Acteev and Coalatree launched the Suray Sun Shirt, a zinc-powered shirt designed to fight unwanted odors and the sun’s damaging rays, at the 2022 Outdoor Retailer Winter Show. Coalatree approached Acteev looking to design a powerful sun shirt that aligned with their commitment to sustainability.

"We are so proud to partner with Coalatree for the creation of the first activewear garment made with Acteev,” said Nikki Huffman, Acteev’s business development leader for textiles. “Since we met at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show last year, they have operated with top speed and agility while never compromising on quality. I’m confident that with this new relationship, there’s even more to come.”

Using Acteev’s award-winning, natural zinc technology, these sustainably made sun shirts pack an odor-fighting punch combined with a 50+ UPF rating. Plus, since the technology is naturally embedded into the fabric vs. coated on, this is one sun shirt that’s built to last.

“Coalatree is about creating eco-minded apparel and gear for people who love the outdoors, and with its natural zinc and permanent protection, Acteev is a perfect complement for our brand,” Coalatree founder Jacob Charlie Bessey said. “We’re proud that the new Suray Sun Shirt not only protects the wearer from the sun but also stays fresh by fighting off odors. That means you can do more and wash less.”

Proud recipient of a 2021 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award, Acteev locks in the environmentally safe antimicrobial protection of zinc ions within superior nylon 6,6, creating yarns and fabrics that naturally provide UPF 50+ protection and combat odor-causing bacteria, mold and fungi. The technology protects textiles - from base layers and outerwear to sleeping bags and more - using one of nature’s own elements.

Unlike chemical applications that are coated or sprayed on, Acteev does not rely on any post-production treatment or after-market process. Instead, Acteev’s zinc ions are embedded directly into the matrix of the molecules, providing protection that lasts the life of the product. This means Acteev performance textiles require less water in the manufacturing process while ensuring they remain as effective as day one.

This eco-minded Coalatree Suray Sun Shirt is the first outdoor product to hit the market with award-winning Acteev.

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When looking for an outdoor partner, we hoped to find someone with the same commitment to sustainability and innovation that our brand was founded on. This eco-minded Coalatree Suray Sun Shirt is the first outdoor product to hit the market with award-winning Acteev.

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