Company: Inc.

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer/Manufacturer: Mehler Texnologies GmbH
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabric 2

Soltis 92
Producer/Manufacturer: Ferrari S.A.
Primary Use: Secondary Fabric

Design Name
Eric M. Scop

Design Company Inc.

Fabrication Name Inc.

Fabrication Company Inc.

Installation Name
Jay Lewis

Installation Company
Lewis Construction Group

Please describe the project specifications

Our customer a homeowner in Kirkland, Washington requested a modern pergola with a side retractable screen. Based on the house exterior a modern retractable pergola is what we would have recommended so this made the solution easy to work on with the client.

The client’s goal was to have a space where they could “chill” while watching light rainfall from the Washington State sky and space to watch television. Another request from the client was to have rainwater drain to one side only and then for an optional downspout to connect to the bottom of the post/column and for the downspout to drain the water to the ground since the pergola was installed on the 2nd story of the house as is shown in the pictures.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Our company entered the project simply to satisfy the customer's needs by providing what they requested – a modern retractable pergola roof system with a retractable mesh screen on the east side to protect from the harsh morning sun, glare, and heat.

The homeowner was delighted with the end result

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