Company: Inc.

Project Details

Fabric 1

Soltis 502 Proof
Producer/Manufacturer: Ferrari S.A.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabric 2

Soltis 86
Producer/Manufacturer: Ferrari S.A.
Primary Use: Secondary Fabric

Design Name
Eric M. Scop

Design Company Inc.

Architect Name
Jack Nicklaus

Architect Company
Nicklaus Design

Fabrication Name Inc.

Fabrication Company Inc.

Installation Name
Rocky Clavelo Jr. - Lead installer

Installation Company Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

Roaring Fork Club, a private club founded in 1996 is a retreat located in the beautiful mountain town of Basalt, Colorado. The Clubhouse Manager contacted several local awning/pergola companies and decided to order from our company.

Roaring Fork Club was looking to cover a large width on the front side of their clubhouse with a wood-framed pergola structure to protect from the harsh direct summer sun as well as the glare reflecting off the mountains. Also important was heavy rain protection to allow members and guests to use the space 24/7 with the exception of snow. The client had existing folding lateral arm retractable awnings which were removed as they did not protect from heavy rain and in addition could not be enclosed on the front and sides.

The client also wanted to keep out critters while at the same time maintaining the view thus the reason for the use of mesh fabric for the retractable screens on the front and sides and gable end covers on both ends. All components used for fabrication of the 3 large, side by side retractable wood pergolas were either wood, 6063 aluminum, and 316 marine grade stainless steel.

The second picture shows the clubhouse with folding lateral arm awnings prior to installation of the retractable wood pergolas and retractable screens.

What is unique or complex about the project?

What made this project unusual was that not only did the client want direct sun/glare protection, but they also wanted protection from the glare reflecting off the Basalt, CO mountains.

This project was a challenge as we had to install it in the winter and deal with snowfall and removing snow to attach the front columns/posts.

Purlins were used to cover the top of each guide/beam running front to back to prevent rain and snow from entering the space.

The project was completed and the client and members are elated with the results as is shown in the pictures.

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