Company: Inc. Miami Gardens, FL

Project Details

Fabric 1

Precontraint 302
Producer: Ferrari S.A.
Supplier: Giovanardi Italy

Fabrication Name Inc.

Fabrication Company Inc.

Installation Name
Rocky Clavelo Jr.

Installation Company Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

The product used based on homeowner request was a large 40-foot wide x 22-foot 6-inch projection waterproof retractable patio pergola cover system. The unit was attached to a CMU wall in the rear and based on engineering requirements required 4 front posts for adequate support.

The fabric used was light filtering, fire retardant, opaque, Ferrari Precontraint 302 in color Grigio Taupe which blended very well with the house colors.

All components of the unit are non-rusting 6063T6 aluminum and components are 316li marine grade stainless steel both of which are important to use in the State of Florida. The frame was powder coated using the Qualicoat powder coating process in RAL color Iron Grey that would perfectly match the client's existing window frames and coordinate extremely well with the roof color.

An iron-grey color hood cover was suggested and used to prevent rain, leaves and bird droppings from entering between the folds of fabric when the fabric cover is not extended.

The 4 double guides running from the wall out to the posts have purlin covers that prevent dirt and leaves from collecting in between the extrusions of the double guides.

The retractable cover operates with a single channel remote control using a Somfy RTS motor.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The homeowner, a contractor from Puerto Rico, with a second home in Florida, requested a waterproof patio pergola cover for the rear of the house to cover and protect furniture and their bbq from fading and most importantly to obtain protection from Florida's mostly high UV rays, sun, glare, heat and heavy rain.

In addition, they wanted a product that can be retracted when the customer is in Puerto Rico and the product is not in use. This would prevent the product from being damaged by very high wind or a hurricane.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Special fasteners were custom made for the installation as the construction of the wall is CMU (concrete masonry unit) also known as concrete block.

What were the results of the project?

The client was pleased with the result and commented after installation "it was an absolute pleasure to work with your salesperson and installation team". The retractable patio pergola cover system now makes it possible for the client to use their outdoor living space in the rear of their house 24/7, 365.

Since the client was very happy with both the product, installation, and service received, they have ordered (not installed yet) both left and right sides and the front to be covered with our motorized vertical drop zippered screen systems. Both triangular gable ends will also be covered (not installed yet) with fixed fabric panels. Enclosing the entire covered space will allow the homeowner to heat the space in the winter and air condition the space in the summer thus adding an outdoor "room" to their European style home.

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