Company: Inc. Miami Gardens, FL

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Phifer Inc.
Supplier: Trivantage LLC

Architect Name
Jose Bird

Architect Company
V Architecture

Fabrication Name Inc.

Fabrication Company Inc.

Installation Name
Rocky Clavelo Jr.

Installation Company Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

Twenty three (23) retractable slide on wire a/k/a guide wire canopies were installed for the Marriott Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico Gingambô- Aromas del Caribe restaurant. All retractable slide on wire canopies operate using a rope pulley system. Fabric specified by the architect was Phifertex fire-retardant mesh in color grey sand as it is excellent at filtering out the sun, ultraviolet rays, glare and most importantly heat. All 23 units were to be the same dimension at 5-foot wide x 12-foot projection and were attached to the wall in the rear and to a new steel pergola structure in the front. All extrusions used for the canopies are aluminum and the 5/32" aircraft cable used was stainless steel. Only two pictures were submitted for this project on purpose - to show the before (with umbrellas) and after.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

1. Hurricane Maria was a deadly Category 5 hurricane that devastated Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico in September 2017. It is regarded as the worst natural disaster on record to affect those islands and is also the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Jeanne in 2004.
2. Umbrellas continued to be toppled over and damaged by the Carribean wind.

1. The architect in Puerto Rico requested a corrosive-free retractable product for sun protection that was within the client's budget. No rain protection was needed. Also and most importantly hotel management requested that the product installed be easily retracted (using a pulley system) and that the panels of fabric be quickly and easily removed prior to a hurricane. This hotel management decision was based on the facts in the first paragraph above.
2. By using a product permanently attached in the rear and front, the issue with a damaged product was eliminated.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Normally engineering would need to be completed for a project in Puerto Rico where an awning or pergola are facing the ocean. Since the slide on wire canopies can easily be detached the building department in San Juan did not require engineering to be completed by a structural engineer or professional engineer. This made the project unique.

Considering the retractable slide on wire canopies were installed into steel in the front of each pergola structure, a "ton" of drill bits were needed and used. This was factored into the installation cost.

What were the results of the project?

Hotel management and the architect were very happy with the outcome as the retractable mesh slide on wire canopies are exactly what was envisioned. The retractable guide wire canopy systems now make it possible for hotel guests to use the outdoor restaurant space during normally unbearably hot Puerto Rico spring and summer days and management has significantly raised restaurant revenue as more patrons are now sitting outdoors.

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