Sand Sea & Air Interiors Inc. San Juan, PR

Project Details

Fabrication Name
Terri Madden

Fabrication Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Project Manager Name
Terri Madden

Project Manager Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Please describe the project specifications

Replace the foam of ten uniform bar stool seats and backs with closed cell foam on the Main deck of one of the world’s largest mega-yachts. The cushions were commissioned to precisely match the originals which measured 1” in a poly foam atop 1/4” fiberglass permanently glued to an exotic wood base

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The exterior bar area was the clients’ favorite spot aboard. However, their original seats had been constructed with soft regular low density foam that acted as a sponge for water. They required that the re-fabrication solve their leakage problem, but that the softness, form or design of the seats would not be compromised. Moreover, construction and installation had to be identical to the original. Along with a prompt deadline, as they were sailing out of our area in a tight timeframe.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Constructing the simple, sleek look of these bar stools was a real challenge. Everything from importing the special foam, completing the fabrication and the time constraint. We were even advised by colleagues that the project was impossible. Nonetheless, original cushions were removed protecting the wood base. High density closed cell marine foam was flown in and even though the original fabric was not available, yet an exact match was found at the last moment. Numerous samples were made to stretch the fabric over the foam with extreme tightness and mimic the round edges of the seating in order to obtain the look and feel of the previous job. Finally we hand carved the closed cell foam to achieve the same contour as on the original foam.

The seat center seam was sewn with Dabond anti-wick Polyester thread. The fabric received an additional Scotchguard treatment on the underside to prevent moisture entry as well as being very cautious not to let the liquid penetrate the material on the outside.
The center seam was sealed and entirely waterproofed. When mounting the new cushions, ordinary industrial stainless staples would not penetrate the fiberglass, so very strong pressure was carefully utilized to set them while securing the fabric “in place”.
Afterwards, the Chief Officer meticulously inspected and ensured that, stitch by stitch and millimeter by millimeter, the upholstery exactly matched the original, so the owner would not even notice!

What were the results of the project?

Inexhaustible efforts to attend to every detail effectively preserved the refined look of the vessel, and left our clients’ preferred space aboard identical to the eye, but improved to the touch with a fix that will last years.

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