Company: Inc. Miami Gardens, FL

Project Details

Fabric 1

Precontraint 302
Producer: Ferrari S.A.

Design Name
Eric M. Scop

Design Company Inc.

Architect Name
Edgar David, RLA

Architect Company
SED Design Studio, Inc.

Subcontractor Name
Miguel Sanchez

Subcontractor Company
Audio Video Consultants Inc.

Project Manager Name
Rocky Clavelo Jr.

Project Manager Company Inc.

Installation Name
Dave Kershner

Installation Company
Rufo Contracting

Please describe the project specifications

The homeowner, owner of the Penthouse in a modern Philadelphia building, requested a substantial size free standing (13’1” wide by 16’4” projection) 4 post retractable pergola. For aesthetics, the client requested that rain water drain be single sided – that to one side only and away from the condominium. The entire system used one continuous piece of fabric and one motor. The uprights and guides meet together at a smooth L-shaped angle, flush at the top for a perfectly smooth profile. The system has a Beaufort wind load rating Scale 10 (up to 63 mph) with the fabric fully extended and in use. A grey hood was also used in the rear to prevent rain water, debris, leaves and snow from collecting in the folds of fabric when not in use. A running profile from end to end in the rear of the unit was installed to attach the Somfy RTS motor that was installed inside a motor safety box. Footers were not required as the posts were installed in to a solid surface. Fire retardant fabric Ferrari Precontraint 302 in color 390 Grigio was requested and used.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The purpose of the project was to install a retractable waterproof (not water resistant) free-standing patio pergola cover system to provide heavy rain, hail, heat, sun, glare and UV protection. This would allow the homeowner and guests to sit outside and enjoy the area by extending their outdoor entertainment space to be used during the spring, summer and winter months. In addition, the client requested LED lighting so the area could be illuminated at night.

What is unique or complex about the project?

What made this project especially challenging was that the entire frame and fabric was shipped from Europe in a wood crate and the crate had to be hoisted to the Penthouse at the top of a 4-story condominium building.

What were the results of the project?

The client was delighted with the results. The retractable patio cover system transformed the seating area for both day and night use and made it possible for the homeowner and guests to comfortably use the entertainment area consistently, 24/7, 365 with the exclusion of snow.

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