Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas Nordland, WA

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC
Supplier: Rex Pegg Fabrics

Fabric 2

Supplier: Rex Pegg Fabrics

Design Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Design Company
Mystery Bay Sails & Canvas

Fabrication Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Fabrication Company
Mystery Bay Sails & Canvas

Project Manager Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Project Manager Company
Mystery Bay Sails & Canvas

Installation Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Installation Company
Mystery Bay Sails & Canvas

Please describe the project specifications

This project had four components, replacing existing canvas, Fly Bridge Full Enclosure, Upper Aft Deck curtain, Upper Aft Deck Railing Skirt and Lower Aft Deck Curtains with Striped Valance.
Main structure of Bimini, Railing Skirt and Upper and Lower curtains was Marine Blue Sunbrella. The Vinyl used was 0.03 Strata Glass. Sunbrella, Motive Denim, was used for the Striped Valance.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The purpose for this project was to replace the existing fly bridge full enclosure, upper aft deck full enclosure, and lower deck curtains. The clients, having just purchased the boat, described the existing enclosures as looking like a shower cap. To be up on the fly bridge or upper aft deck, any person would have to crawl in and then only have head room if they were sitting.
My clients were very eager for fresh canvas and head room. They also wanted something unique and asked about doing the canvas in stripes. After consideration and thought about that, it was decided to do the basic structure with solid color, Marine Blue, and add the stripes, Denim Motive, as accent in a valance on the lower deck curtains.
The existing lower deck curtains had been installed on a double track system. My clients wanted to use as much of the existing hardware as possible, but wanted to remove the window curtains individually.
In considering how they would be using the boat, my clients opted to abandon the aft of radar arch full enclosure and have a curtain curtain hang from the aft of the radar arch, covering the deck access opening, and have a railing skirt around upper aft deck.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Utilizing the double track system on the lower deck, I fabricated a zipper band on Keder tape for the curtains. These hang from the inner track. The curtains can be either rolled up and secured with web and snap, or removed completely. The striped valance hangs from the outer track. Due to the contours and slope of the curtains, the valance needed tapered corners. With stripes it added an additional challenge to matching the corner insets.
The frame for the fly bridge Bimini needed to be raised for additional head room. This required replacing and relocating support legs, removing width in center bow to create a smoother look fore to aft. The Bimini is attached to the radar arch with a zipper band on Keder tape and associated track. This is to prevent water running under the edge of the Bimini, yet allows easy removal. Additionally the aft edge of Bimini is secured with snaps to the radar arch, taking pressure off zipper in extreme weather conditions.
The upper aft curtain is five sections and is secured to the radar arch in like manner as the Bimini. It extends to the center of the upper aft deck and secures with YKK adhesive snaps to deck. Each panel can either be rolled and secured with web and snap, or removed completely.
The railing skirt attaches to rail and stanchions with the YKK adhesive snaps.

What were the results of the project?

The clients were very pleased with the results of the project. Their words "This is a whole new boat!" Since this project was completed they've referred several other boat owners to my shop.

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