ShadeFLA Miami, FL

Project Details

Fabric 1

Ferrari Precontraint 602
Producer: Ferrari S.A.
Supplier: Ferrari S.A.

Fabric 2

Producer: PARA' S.p.A.
Supplier: PARA' S.p.A.

Engineer Name 1
Gary D Foreman

Engineer Company 1

Design Name
TSAO Design Group, ShadeFLA

Design Company
TSAO Design Group, ShadeFLA

Architect Name
Jason Hagopian

Architect Company
TSAO Design Group

Fabrication Name
Sunair Awning

Fabrication Company
Sunair Awning

Project Manager Name
Carlos Herrera

Project Manager Company

Installation Name
Fugi Rivas & Alex Sanchez

Installation Company

Please describe the project specifications

ShadeFLA and TSAO Design Group worked together on the redesign of the Royal Palm South Beach Miami, a Tribute Portfolio Resort's outdoor area. The Pratic Tecnic One Retractable Roof System is a fully custom structure with a custom steel frame, designed according to the client's request. The system covers the 925 square foot outdoor dining terrace and pool area, allowing guests to take advantage of the resort's high-class amenities. The retractable roof is operated by Somfy motor Altus 550 RTS, with Eolis wireless wind sensor, DecoFlex 5 channels wall mounted remote, and The RTS dry-contact Interface, which can be used to communicate between an alarm system and the Somfy’s RTS Motors.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client, Royal Palm South Beach Miami, a Tribute Portfolio Resort, wanted to provide its guests with a luxurious outdoor dining experience where they could take advantage of the beautiful outdoor terrace. In order to do so, they needed to consider shade and prepare for the uncertainty of South Florida's changing weather. A custom retractable roof system was the perfect shading solution for the client.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The Royal Palm project is unique in its bright yellow faux ceiling and custom steel frame. This project shows just how much you can customize a retractable roof system to complement the client's branding. Additionally, this structure seamlessly fits over the bar area and got rid of the need for bulky umbrellas.

What were the results of the project?

The client was able to extend and maximize the use of their outdoor dining terrace. Prior to this project, the only amenity available in the outdoor area was the pool. Now, rain or shine, guests can take advantage of a variety of amenities including the Palm Island Bar, outdoor dining terrace and more. Ultimately, the client can expect to increase their annual revenue and keep their guests fully protected from the sun and rain.

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