De Weerd Tentrental Voorst,

Project Details

Fabric 1

Aluminium structure
Producer: Röder HTS Höcker
Supplier: Röder HTS Höcker

Fabric 2

Valmex FR 6502
Producer: Mehler
Supplier: Planen-Eggert KG

Fabric 3

Side panels & doors
Producer: Oasis Event Door
Supplier: Oasis Event Door

Engineer Company 1
Röder HTS Höcker

Design Name
Johan Willem deWeerd

Design Company
De Weerd Tentrental

Please describe the project specifications

The main reason for this tent design was:

We wanted a replacement for the 5X5m pagode tent

With this new design we wanted to optimally use as much of our current parts as possible, but ultimately this tent had to had a completely unique appearance

The lines of the trusses are curved and the cam runs from high to low.
We also have the ability to connect these tents to each other in different ways for example to make a wave-like tent

Various accessories like doors, side panels, floors and the curved top part of the tent are all usable in all our other tents

This tent has been calculated, under EN 13782, and can be built just as fast as a normal pagode tent

Contemporary design for a nice entrance or sales tent also to be used as podium overlay.

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