Onboard Interiors llc

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Spinnybeck
Supplier: color: pamilco sand

Fabric 2

Producer: Donghia Fabric

Fabric 3

Producer: Duralee Fabrics

Fabric 4

Hissy Fit
Producer: Perennials Fabrics

Fabric 5

Producer: Kravet

Design Name
Krisha Plauche

Design Company
Onboard Interiors llc

Fabrication Name
Roy Amaral

Project Manager Name
Krisha Plauche

Project Manager Company
Onboard Interiors llc

Installation Name
Krisha Plauche and Bri Griener

Installation Company
Onboard Interiors llc

Please describe the project specifications

A boatyard in Salem Ma hired us to work with the Yacht Management co, Pacific Yachts. Pacific Yachts was hired to manage the restoration of this 1983 Baltic named "Not all Who Wander are Lost".
A young, 46, wealthy man from NY had been out sailing a Baltic owned by his friend located in CA. The man loved sailing onboard his friend's boat so much that he wanted one just like it..just like it! But he never owned a boat before! So, another Baltic was found during a national search that would be a sistership to the yacht in CA. It was to be outfitted so that it would be exactly the same as his friends, exactly. The idea being that he could sail with his friend and learn his boat and then sail his own...the boatyard was instructed that even the light/electrical switches were to move to the exact same locations.
The sistership was located in Salem Ma and the boat was renamed "Who Wander".
The man has a young family with boys and they are big fans of the Lord of The Rings.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

There were very specific requests.
We were sent several photos to replica the CA vessels style of cushions, details like piping no piping, where to mount keder welting. Sometimes we had to talk to the yacht management co about ways they we thought we could build a better mouse trap which was a lot of emails and even Facetime.
The client wanted to use a sketch of a dragon on the transom and had a love of the Lord of The Rings. The client did request to use leather on interior cushions and sunbrella on the exterior but the client didn't want to get involve in selecting style/colors of the the interior other than everything being comfortable.
We made up presentation fabric boards and sent via email and did a live presentation from our showroom to CA. We used the theme of the Lord of Rings,
We were hired to completely refit the interior and exterior softgoods which consisted of:
Main salon: cushions, pillows, nav seat, drapes; master stateroom: mattress, bedding, headboard and two side seats, drapes, pillows; master head: drapes; starboard bunks: mattress, bedding, pillows; forward stateroom: mattress, bedding, pillows, side seats. Exterior cushions, blankets made out of Sunbrella, pillows. We really got creative with this..We designed a custom bedspread with a custom monogrammed, large tail of a dragon, with special black fleck thread. We designed the main salon to have the tail of the dragon made to fit on three pillows, and the reverse of the pillows had the vessel name monogrammed in glow in the dark thread! We research fabric for the other staterooms, which would be the young boys, to find forest themed fabric and we used a dragon fly pattern for the bedspreads and a bark pattern for the pillows. We made the presentation and it was accepted right away they love the whole package and price was not and issue.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The customer wanted to use leather onboard, yes leather and off white leather for all the interior upholstery! Having never owned a yacht the customer did not know about the hazards of using real leather onboard , so we educated the customer about a line from Spinneybeck. Spinneybeck Aqua was chosen because it is a durable, water-resistant leather suitable for a wide range of applications. Produced from hides originating in northern Italy, southern Germany, and Switzerland, a combination of a special retannage and finishing process results in leather that is not only water resistant, but also practical for applications that require a durable finish. High quality dyes used for Acqua allow a greater saturation and dye enrichment than ordinary upholstery leathers. It is approriate for Automotive, contract, healthcare, hospitality, marine use.
So we would say finding the right fabric was complex. Every piece of the interior upholstery, (except for the main salon drop down table insert piece) was fabricated using Spinneybeck's Aqua leather.
We had to be very precise about ordering this fabric as it is not ordered buy bolt, but order by hide. The company gives you an approx. piece size and we had to carefully order by the dye lot. We also had to store the fabric carefully while in the shop, laying it flat the whole time before fabrication. The fabric is very expensive so each piece was carefully cut. The fabric is very thick as well and we used needles up like crazy!
The whole main salon is shaped so we had to make sure there was no puckering. The backs were especially tough because of the curving, tapered foam and thickness of fabric. Also in the master, ALL the upholstery was curved, the headboard and the two side seats. The two side seats even had angles that came up from the deck of the seat into the foam that had to have cuts outs that you didn't even seen from top view. So angled curved foam in the seats and accommodating for the thickness of fabric was amazing work. things an owner never really sees or appreciates , of course unless its DONE Wrong!

Another complex situation happened after we have installed the forward bedding, the owner decided he wanted A/c, so the boatyard retro fit a generator into a hanging locker but had to eat up some of the forward bow area for ventilation and need us to recut the mattress and bedding to accommodate this new owner request! never mind comfy sleeping they wanted AC!!!

What were the results of the project?

Yacht Management co is very happy., they order some other items from us they liked so much from "Who Wander"
The weekend the owner was going to sail away the boatyard gave an all out launch party.
The owner had hired a captain for the voyage he was making to keep the boat in Annapolis.
Sadly, we just found out the young owner died two weeks ago in November. It was a shocking death to hear about, we were told he died in his sleep....

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