SHADE Industries

Project Details

Fabric 1

Alnet Extrablock
Producer/Manufacturer: Alnet Pty Ltd.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Engineer Name 1
Nick Keizer

Engineer Company 1
RNK Structural Engineering

Design Name
Josh Henderson

Design Company
SHADE Industries

Project Manager Company
SHADE Industries

Installation Company
SHADE Industries

Please describe the project specifications

The 17 North Corporate Center consists of four shade sails suspended between two mirrored office buildings. These sails connect to the office building by 10 custom wall brackets, and are supported by two shared columns in the center.

The design goal for this project was two-fold. This structure was designed to provide a shaded open seating area for the occupants employed at this facility, with a secondary goal to provide a visual attraction to the entrances of the buildings.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The design and planning phase was an interesting process to work through. The buildings were constructed in two phases, and our shade sails were installed per the respective phases as well. The original design intent involved nearly symmetrical shade sails, but because of building codes, we were required to keep the second phase of the shade structure further away from the building than the first phase. This was easily achieved by extending cables from the building attachments, but resulted in the second phase of the project slightly smaller than the first phase.

The finished installation features architecturally unique shade sails suspended over the entry courtyard between these two mirrored buildings. Ample shade and comfortable ambience is created for employees that report to this facility for their employment. We have also engaged in subsequent contracts with this General Contractor because of our positive working relationship on this project.

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