Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer/Manufacturer: Mehler Texnologies GmbH
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Please describe the project specifications

The main objective of the client and the project , was to provide shade on the area of the more of 20 food stalls , that couldn't receive any consumers in the day , because of the intensive sunlight .
This 20 food stalls , represent more than 150 jobs , and depend on their food sales day by day ,they need an effective and resistant solution to this problem.

What is unique or complex about the project?

We were very exited to do this project , because of the social impact that it´s was going to have in the community .
One of the most important points , that sets apart this project from other we did in the past , it´s that it was the first time we ever did a "Cone" structure . it was a challenges even at the time we have to installed .
The other challenge , was the complex engineering we have to design for the foundations of the projects , because it was next to the shore , and have to resist the extreme weather conditions of the Gulf of Mexico .

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