Napier Auto Upholstery Limited

Project Details

Fabric 1

Stayfast Topping
Producer/Manufacturer: The Haartz Co.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabric 2

Wool Headlining
Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Secondary Fabric

Fabric 3

Jaguar Vinyl
Producer/Manufacturer: OTHER
Primary Use: Secondary Fabric

Fabrication Name
Sid Shavers - Rear Window

Fabrication Company
Sid Shavers Co.

Please describe the project specifications

The 1928 Model A Sport Coupe is a unique vehicle for its day, Ford's first full marketing toward women and a higher end. This being that it looks like a convertible but the landau bars are for looks only. The outer roof is was to be made up of 5 layers of materials including stiffening cardboard and fine mesh. The rear window was to be able to roll up so you could speak to the passengers in the rear rumble seat.
The owners wanted the roof as close to original as possible with all its quirks, padded sides and covered sun visor. The only real deviation was the choice of colour. It was a bold choice but it works and they are more than happy. The owners supplied us with a very comprehensive to ensure correct fitment and finish. This type of literature is invaluable when a vehicle is 90 years old as it has nothing but a frame. We also we tasked to recover door trims and make pockets, supply and fit windlace pipings, constuct and cover front kick panels and rear side trim panels.

The purpose was to replicate a roof as per original with a comprehensive manual supplied by the client. They selected a bright red hood topping which made the roof a real statement piece. While the vehicle was getting the roof done, they added creating new door cards and replacing the rear panels.

The client loved the finish product. We met their expectations. It was just like the pictures and manual he supplied. They we ecstatic we the colour choice of the roof and that we matched the inteior work to the seats. It was just what they had envisioned.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The complexity of this project was immense. The task was to completely rebuild a roof from scratch with the help of a manual and photos. There was nothing but our interpretation, nothing to guide us but a bare roof frame. Because the topping had a black underside we had to make a suspended roof lining in a beige wool to ensure the vehicle was not too dark inside. Making this lining was also a challenge as every internal bar had to also be covered. Creating a back window with zips to be able to open the rear of the hood so you could speak to passengers in the rumble seat. Sourcing the fabric was a bit of a challenge due to covid 19 so the job took a bit longer than expected. We were able to contact Sid Shavers of Sid Shavers Co in USA and get one of his amazing rear windows to finish the roof off.

This project was a great challenge of technical and interpretational skill. To create a roof for a vehicle over 90 years of age that only has a frame and a manual to replicate it required a lot of hours and creative thinking. Constructed it as they original had but using modern materials. The clients were ecstatic with the finished product, it was what they had envisioned.

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