Matt's Motortrimming

Project Details

Fabric 1

Automotive Leathers
Producer/Manufacturer: Black Napa Pearl
Primary Use: Main

Fabric 2

12 mm sew foam
Producer/Manufacturer: Amann Thread
Primary Use: secondary

Engineer Name 1
Matt Forbes

Engineer Company 1
Matt's Motortrimming

Design Name
Matt Forbes

Design Company
Matt's Motortrimming

Fabrication Name
Matt Forbes

Fabrication Company
Matt's Motortrimming

Project Manager Name
Matt Forbes

Project Manager Company
Matt's Motortrimming

Installation Name
Matt Forbes

Installation Company
Matt's Motortrimming

Please describe the project specifications

The client wanted a custom seat to suit his bike. Many American motorcycles have a plain black vinyl seat. The customer wanted something to stand out and fit with the bikes red scalloped pinstripes, but really wanted to use smooth Napa style black leather we talked him into pairing it with a grained leather as well to add interest.

The brief was left fairly open but the stipulation was it had to look like it belonged to his bike and not just a generic off the shelf catalogue seat.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The design of this bike seat was particularly intricate, the two diamonds sewn one inside the other by hand (vs CNC sewn) includes accurately marking and sewing with the correct stitch lenth so that the change of direction on each diamond is the same. This is so important with a symmetrical pattern like this.

The intricate patterns, embossed detail lines and heavy red thread top stitch over quality leather made this a project worth entering and the amount of detail stands out from other jobs we did.

The client was thrilled with the results and posted photos on social media, etc. boasting about his new seat.

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