Rainier Tent

Project Details

Fabric 1

Block Out White Laminate
Producer/Manufacturer: Snyder Mfg Inc.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Design Name
David Suryan

Design Company
Rainier Tent

Fabrication Company
Rainier Tent

Installation Company
Centerpoint Church

Please describe the project specifications

Centerpoint Church had just begun a construction project that would expand its facility dramatically. When COVID hit, construction came to a halt, and when the town re-opened to in-person services, the client wanted a structure that could accommodate their unique services and parishioners. They also wanted a space within the tent that could accommodate a large screen, which they use as a backdrop.

Rainier Tent came in with a full strength, gable end tent measuring 30' wide x 110' long. We also engineered a bump-out / dormer located in the center of the tent, measuring 30' x 5'. An interior divider wall separates out the foyer from the auditorium area and the structure has a custom connecting to the existing building for dry transition space.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Certainly, engineering the dormer section of the tent was unique. In addition, the sheer number of Rainier Tent accessories needed to meet the client's requirements make this tent a true showcase:
- Full enclosure slider-keder sidewalls, solid and cafe window style
- Sunburst gable end fabric
- Interior dividing wall with custom black fabric
- Three different style of Fibertech doors: Double Grid, Single Grid, Double Solid - all with panic hardware
- Various brackets for hanging lighting, fans and speakers
- Bottom bars for tensioning and securing the sidewalls in windy conditions
- Fabric rain gutter between the tent and the permanent structure
- Brackets for mounting hard gutters to outside perimeter of tent
- Custom transition walls from the tent to the existing building
- Tenting tools and equipment for installation and anchoring
- Installation supervision and training on the use and care of tenting equipment

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