Canvas Experts Inc.

Project Details

Fabric 1

plaskolite optix bronze 2404
Producer: ykk canada powderbake beige sliders
Supplier: menax fasteners beige

Fabric 2

sattler trio antique beige
Producer: ez2cy marine track systems ez-100-f

Fabric 3

solar fix 3300 translucent
Producer: nicholas pompa glue systems

Fabric 4

ykk zippers vislon beige
Producer: velcro brand beige velcro

Design Name
Michael Varga

Design Company
Canvas Experts Inc

Fabrication Name
Justin Huggins

Fabrication Company
Canvas Experts Inc

Project Manager Name
Justin Huggins

Project Manager Company
Canvas Experts Inc

Installation Name
Justin Huggins, Michael Varga

Installation Company
Canvas Experts Inc

Please describe the project specifications

This project has a four bow bimini top made from sattler, outdura, trio, the color is antique beige. The enclosure is a 10 panel ez2cy enclosure with optix bronze 2404 with impact resistance. The fabric used for the enclosure panels was sattler outdura and the color is antique beige. The front middle and the #1 side curtains swing up to the bimini top for ventilation but, the bridge has a hvac system . the thread used is solar fix ptfe (polytetrafloroethylene) thread. The size or denier is 3300 and the color was beige to match the fabric. The velcro is velcro brand and the color is beige polyester. The zippers are ykk brand, beige number ten vision. The sliders were made by ykk of Canada and are beige polyester powderbake vision, with a john howard zipper pull string. The insert rope (keder rope) is American keder 8.5 mm and the color is white. The track system used for this project is ez2cy marine track systems ez-100-t and mounted inverted. We used the ez-100-t because of its radius and fit perfectly on the stainless steel radius, on top of the windshield.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client had a hvac system installed for the bridge and wanted it completely enclosed . water and air tight and he wanted maximum visibility with ez2cy optix bronze 2404 with impact resistance. His goal was to keep the bridge at least 15 degrees cooler than outside air temperature.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The client wanted this enclosure to be air and water tight. He also wanted the clearest visibility possible. We first showed him makrolon bronze ar2 polycarbonate sample. That was unacceptable because of the rainbow effect it had (the bending of light) so we were able to find bronze acrylic with impact resistance from a company in south Carolina. The owner liked this product (plaskolite, optix, bronze #2404) much better.

What were the results of the project?

The owner of this carver 56 pilothouse and is in the marine industry and has held many cocktail partys onboard in the summer heat and this ez2cy enclosure is keeping the air temperature 17 degrees cooler on the bridge than the outside temperature , and he is very happy with that result. The top was made with sattler,trio and is water tight. The enclosure front panels were design to maximize the front corners with no zipper lines. He is able to navigate the waters of the atlantic from maryland to florida with total comfort. The bimini top was made with twice the among of stitching because of the added weight that ez2cy panels put on a top. Pockets were double the normal and zippers were double stitched. An ez2cy panel is twice the weight of a .040 gauge clear vinyl panel.

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